Project Zero

What is Zero?

Zero is an end-to-end service to help you quit smoking. It uses a combination of medication and therapy, which has been proven to increase your chances of quitting by 4x!

How does it work?
  1. It starts with a dynamic onboarding to collect your medical history

  2. A physician will make a personalized recommendation based on your history and preferences

  3. Zero will ship your Quit Kit right to your door for free

As you start your journey, Zero's app will guide you through the entire process. Zero has everything you need to be a Quitter.

What is in the box?

Depending on your preference and your doctor’s recommendation, Zero will ship nicotine gum and a personalized prescription right to your door.

How does the app work?

Zero’s app will guide you through the entire process of quitting. As you know, everyone’s journey is different and so it’s important your experience is personalized from beginning to end.

For example, did you know you’re supposed to start chewing gum 30 minutes before you start to crave? You have enough to worry about. Ro-Bot (your resident quit genius) will learn your habits and help you fight cravings before they start!

With Zero, you’ll have a doctor in your pocket, a community by your side, and a Ro-Bot to automatically personalize your journey to being a Quitter.

How long is the program?

The program is typically 90 days but some people, in consultation with their doctor, can extend to 180 days.

What is Zero’s mission?

To enable anyone who wants to quit smoking to quit.

What is the minimum age?

You must be 21 or older to be part of Zero.

Nicotine Gum

How many pieces do I receive per month?

Enough for 10 per day (around ~300 per month).

How long is a piece good for?

Each piece lasts around 30 minutes.

How much nicotine is the gum?

Depending on how much you smoke, your physician will make a recommendation. You will either start on 2mg or 4mg of nicotine per piece.

What flavors does the gum come in?

You will have your choice of Mint, Fruit, and Cinnamon.

Prescription Medication

What medication does the physician prescribe?

Your physician, if safe and appropriate, can prescribe Bupropion (Generic Zyban) or Chantix.

What if I don’t want a prescription?

No problem. This is entirely up to you and you can select this preference in your onboarding.

Is it covered by insurance?

If you’re receiving Bupropion (Generic Zyban), Zero has you covered. Bupropion is included free of charge as part of your quit kit.

If you would like Chantix, and want to see if your insurance company will cover it, please select your local pharmacy during your onboarding and we’ll happily send your prescription there.

If you know it won’t cover it, or prefer to receive it via Zero, you can pay cash. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive out of pocket (~$400 per month).